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Google Maps is the most innovative map platform in the world. Global range, up-to-date map data, very large community and content provided by its members are features that distinguish Google Maps Platform.


Google Maps Platform

With the launch of Google Maps Platform, Google introduced new products, pricing, and support to provide greater flexibility, transparency, and control. Google Maps Platform can be used for publicly available, internal or paid apps. The Maps Platform also enables to see current location of fleet in real time on a map (asset tracking). This solution also enables layering data on top of Google Maps and creating custom styling of the map. Ask our consultant and find out more about prices and license model.

Benefits of Google Maps Platform:

  • huge variety of use cases (store locator, real-time fleet tracking (asset tracking), internal implementation (e.g. CRM, ERP, SFA, …) and many more
  • emergency services support (SLA of Google Maps is 99,9% of application run time)
  • full control over Google Maps Ads
  • free technical support 24/5
  • more flexible APIs tailored for user’s needs (Directions API, Distance Matrix API, Embed Maps API – lite or advanced)
  • Places API – 4 levels of details + session token introduced (Places Autocomplete sessions)
  • Google provides its users with free monthly $200 for their Google Maps usage
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 How much does it cost to use Google Maps Platform?

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