Google Maps API Premium for your apps and solutions

Google Maps is the most innovative map platform in the world. Global range, up-to-date map data, very large community and content provided by its members are features that distinguish Google Maps API. Learn more 


Google Maps API Premium

Can be used in internal or paid apps and asset tracking solutions (e.g. fleet management). This license enables layering data on top of Google Maps and creating custom map stylizations. Business version of Google Maps has higher limits for Web Services, access to all layers (like satellite layers, Street View, traffic layer) and a comprehensive hint system which makes entering address easier. Ask our consultant and find out more about price and license model.

Google Maps API Premium should be used when:

  • website/app or its part is paid
  • website or application access is restricted or intended for a certain group of users
  • maps are used in internal systems and applications (e.g. CRM, ERP, SFA, …)
  • assured access to maps in needed (SLA for business version of Google Maps is 99,9% of application run time)
  • you need higher limits for Web Services (Geocoding API, Directions API, etc.)
  • you need full control over Google Maps Ads commercials
  • you need technical support 24/7
  • asset tracking – your app serves to track and monitor the position of people and/or thing

Need to know more about Google Maps API Premium?  Check the FAQ.

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